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Our purpose is to unite the Rugby Community in a fight against ALS, raising both awareness and funds while showing the world the true character of Rugby.

Read about the 2017 ALS Advocacy!!


How we work

Partnering with their local ALS Associations, Rugby clubs across America are working to raise awareness and funding for both ALS research and their clubs.  Fundraising has always been a part of sports organizations but we are working to bring more than sports entertainment to the community.  Rugby is a unique community of special individuals that play and live with passion, heart and drive.  We are bringing our fighting spirit to the table, in the battle against ALS.  Individual clubs across America have partnered to donate proceeds from there fund raising events to help SMASH ALS!

Rugby Smash ALS Challenge

Special Video Content coming soon.

The RugbySmashALS Challenge is how Rugby players step up to the plate in the fight against ALS.  Join us in raising awareness and funds for the National and your local ALS chapters.

How do I get involved?  Much like the Ice Bucket challenge, film yourself doing the challenge, post it to social media, throw out some challenges and raise awareness and funds.  Look to donate toward your local/national ALS Association or any other ALS charity.

If you can't take/give a tackle, have a little fun and be creative.  Most of all, have FUN!



ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter


Rugby Smash ALS and Roses Rugby Football club are proud partners with the ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter.  Please Click Here to learn more about ALS and what you can do to join the fight.

Roses Rugby Football Club


Roses Rugby Football club is a premier division two club located in central Pennsylvania.  The Roses are proud sponsors of the ALS Association Greater Philadelphia Chapter.  Please Click Here to find game schedules and information.

Veterans with ALS


Click Here to find out information about how Military Veterans are more than twice as likely to be affected by ALS.

The Angel Fund


The Angel Fund for ALS Research (Angel Fund, Inc.) is an independent non-profit charity dedicated to supporting ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) investigations at the Cecil B. Day Laboratory for Neuromuscular Research at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA, internationally recognized for its ground-breaking work in the fight against this devastating illness. The laboratory is under the direction of world renowned ALS researcher Dr. Robert H. Brown, Jr.

Click Here for more information about The Angel Fund.